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How do we create
Impact Champions ?


16 Curated Masterclasses in sustainability & impact from global experts.

All Masterclasses are online and available 24/7 on our platform for our partner companies & « Impact Champions ».


They are designed for collaborators to learn at their own pace: start a Masterclass, go for a run, grab a coffee, come back, take notes, acquire skills. 

Our 16 Masterclasses are a deepdive in multiple industries & concepts. 

We built them alongside the best rolemodels & experts on Sustainability to give our users an excellent overview of all ecosystems and a global understanding of the challenges we face today, as well as the solutions to adress them.

Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence Platform built to foster interaction between collaborators & C-Levels.

Monthly « Peer to peer » meetings between Impact Champions.

10 Champions during 1 hour, online.

Empowers Champions to own their company’s CSR strategy and priorities, in order to spread the impact message inside the organization. 

Quarterly meetings between Impact Champions & Top Management executives from the company. 

10 Champions & 1 C-Level during 1 hour, online.

Champions have the opportunity to share strategies they have been working on, coherent with their company’s global CSR strategy & core business strategy. 

As a result of thorough collaboration between Impact Champions & top management : coherent CSR strategies emerge & are implemented in the company’s core business strategy.


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Is what it takes to shift a whole organisation

We believe, & numerous large corporations have proven it, that by engaging 5% – 10% of the collaborators of any large company can foster long term sustainable change in culture & business strategies. The more, the merrier.

Our Masterclass experts

A precise Methodology

Online Masterclasses

Peer to peer Sessions

Board Sessions

CSR Strategy Implementation

As a result of Masterclasses , Peer to peer Sessions & Board Sessions , Impact Champions are created. 

They organically spread leadership values & Sustainable development priorities throughout the corporation, making more collaborators want to join next

Because of their work & regular  communication with C-Levels, strategies emerge and are implemented to shift towards a more sustainable business model.

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